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  • Anthony Bates for Kalamazoo County Commissioner

Why I'm running for Kalamazoo County Commissioner, 7th District

I want to be the voice for change, that so far my community has not had. We, the people deserve to be heard, and our concerns noted. As your next Commissioner, I will not only listen to these issues but act upon them, because these issues aren’t just important to me, they’re important to you. As your Commissioner, I will find solutions to our most troubling problems. Everyone deserves a chance at a better life, one where you don’t have to worry about the necessities and public works. These issues affect everyone, I will make your voice heard, and I plan to work hard to bring change to the 7th district.

I am Anthony Bates, your next Kalamazoo County Commissioner.

“Government works for the people!”

Anthony Bates - Commissioner for US

Anthony Bates for Kalamazoo County Commissioner, 7th District

What does a County Commissioner do?

The Board of County Commissioners is a body of local government that is responsible for running the county in an effective and efficient manner. The main responsibilities of County Commissioners is to be policy makers and setters, County Commissioners are responsible for developing county ordinances and resolutions to implement new laws and administrative policies. Apart from this, County Commissioners are also responsible for the county budget, financial appropriations, county personnel, capital improvements, countywide services, and other internal matters. County Commissioners also perform legislative oversight; monitoring the way county departments interact with each other and managing County Administrators. It is the County Commissioners’ role to assess the efficiency, effectiveness, and use of county funds in programs ran by County Administrators. Finally, County Commissioners provide constituent services, this allows County Commissioners to better assess the effectiveness of county programs and policies. Providing constituent services also allows County Commissioners to check on problems constituents may have with a county agency, help constituents obtain county services, or even provide general information. In the big picture, County Commissioners are here to serve “YOU” and that is exactly what I plan to do as your next County Commissioner. #votebates

Kalamazoo 7th District

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