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Growing communities while keeping rural, rural

Anthony Bates

“I have learned that as long as I hold fast to my beliefs and values – and follow my own moral compass – then the only expectations I need to live up to are my own.”

-Michelle Obama, form. First Lady of the United States

In District 7, our neighbors aren’t just neighbors, they are Family. We know our bankers, we say “Hello” to our restaurant owners, we have known that high school grocery store cashier since they were little. This is who we are. I believe we need to promote community values: Family, Respect, Integrity, and Personal Accountability. When I look around my district, I see people helping one another and providing a true sense of community. That’s why I love the notion of “Keep Rural, Rural.” We want to bring prosperity and economic advancements to the district, without sacrificing that small-town feel.

Communication is so important when creating public policy, unfortunately, there is often a separation of communication and understanding between local municipalities and the county government. That is why I will personally reach out to our community leaders on a consistent basis, gathering information on the day-to-day events in order to properly represent our district’s needs and desires. Cooperation is key, and as your next County Commissioner, I will let your voice influence my vote.

Furthermore, I believe our communities deserve to be safe and crime-free. Our tight-knit district has truly been blessed with the best people in it, our crime rates are among the lowest in the county. However, because of this, the police presence in our district is few and far between. I support our Police Officers, that’s why when elected I will use my vote to help secure more funding to hire more officers and provide upgrades. As an individual who believes in the broken-window theory (distressed looking communities produce more crime), I believe in civic development efforts and community beautification to raise the value of our communities and promote well-being. We must all work together to protect the value of our community so we can be more prosperous, together.


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