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Protecting You, by Protecting the Environment

Anthony Bates

“Thank God men cannot fly, and lay waste the sky as well as the earth.”

– Henry David Thoreau, American Writer

From PFAS, to lead in our pipes, to chemical run-off, our environment is in peril. In our district, we face a number of environmental and hazardous concerns, and when it comes to water protection our communities need to be militant in fighting for clean water. For some of our communities, it is unknown whether they even have lead pipes supplying water to their homes and businesses. This to me is an issue, I believe that people deserve to know if they have lead pipes in their communities. That’s why I’ll use my vote to fund utility surveys to determine the condition of our water mains and utility systems. Along with lead pipes, PFAS has become a dire concern. PFAS is a synthetic organofluorine chemical compound which is used in manufacturing, PFAS can increase the risk of cancer, kidney disease, thyroid conditions, and auto-immune disorders. I believe in funding projects to clean up this chemical nightmare and promoting any organization that gets involved in the cleanup.

Superfund Sites are hazardous sites that have been designated as sites in desperate need of clean up due to environmental disasters. Superfund sites were first established by the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act of 1980. The county of Kalamazoo has 5 Superfund sites; Allied Paper, Roto-Finish Inc., Michigan Disposal, K&L Avenue Disposal, and Auto Ion Chemical Inc. We need to regulate our waste disposal processes. We cannot allow chemical and other hazardous waste to infect our watersheds, wetlands, farmland, etc. I will promote a stronger set of waste disposal rules and advocate for better disposal plans.

The land is the most important resource on the face of this planet, and in our district, we have a lot of it. However, as an environmentalist I believe that we should absolutely designate part of our land for nature, promoting natural ecosystems in our district helps stabilize animal populations and prevents unwanted interactions. Land Reserves and Game Reserves provide exceptional benefits to the district. That’s why I strongly support protecting hunting lands and promoting general land conservation.


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